Top commercial flooring trends

Whether you own, manage, or work in a business or organization, you understand that the atmosphere and environment in which you work can make all the difference. Clean, fresh, stylish designs tend to unleash creativity, productivity, and comfort as your business thrives.

Atmosphere matters
In fact, a recent study exploring classroom atmosphere shows that the physical aspects of a classroom (things like color, light, texture, and even air quality) could improve a student?s learning progress by up to 16%! Imagine this study in other industries and what it could do to unleash productivity and creativity among employees.

Luxury vinyl tile in the work environment
If you are looking for durable (yet cost effective) hard surface options, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) provides a wide range of stylish options that can mimic the look of natural stone or wood, but at a fraction of the price! The simpler maintenance requirements of LVT are appealing to many customers when compared to other types of hard flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is less expensive to maintain the long-term. This type of flooring also has better thermal and acoustic properties than other hard flooring, which can create a softer, quieter and more comfortable work environment with less temperature fluctuation and lower noise levels.

Consider the benefits of carpet tiles
If you?re searching for quieter options, carpeting can offer significant acoustic benefits for your office. Some carpet tiles, in particular, have a cushioned backing, which can help to absorb the impact of foot traffic. This backing can also improve the durability of the carpet, as the cushioning protects against wear and tear. The soft backing can also be more comfortable for employees that spend more time on their feet. Carpet tiles also come in handy if there are any spills or accidents, as you can spot-replace tiles that are stained or ruined.

Traditional wall-to-wall carpet
Broadloom carpet, also known as wall-to-wall carpet, is a more traditional option compared to carpet tiles. Although it has been shown to be less durable than carpet tiles and doesn?t offer the same convenience of replacing a single carpet tile if an accident occurs, broadloom carpet is also noise cancelling. Wall-to-wall carpeting offers a look that is more luxurious than carpet tiles, as well.

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