Caring for your hard surfaces

So, you?ve got gorgeous new flooring and now you need to know how to care for it. No one wants to ruin brand-new flooring by using the wrong products. Everyone you know may recommend different things and some may sound arbitrary. Don?t worry anymore! We?re here to help you with what?s best for your floors.

Let?s start with hard surfaces; LVT, LVP, Sheet vinyl/linoleum, and tile. One major mistake customers make is using mops and cleaners that are not PH balanced. These can leave streaks and cause damage to the surface of your floor. Another problematic cleaning choice would be a steam mop or steam cleaning as the heat from these can cause the protective layer of your flooring to dissolve and destroy your floor as well. PH-neutral cleaners and microfiber mops are best for these types of flooring to protect the shine and longevity of the product. A pH-neutral cleaner is rated on a pH scale between 6.5 and 7.5, most information can be found online with a little bit of research if you would need to.

Many manufacturers have basic guidelines and recommendations for ways to clean their floors. Shaw Floors has their own microfiber mop and hard-surface cleaner that we highly recommend using. Other options include but are not limited to: a ratio of 3 gallons of water to 2 tablespoons of cleaner for any pH-neutral cleansers such as Mrs. Meyers soap, Fabuloso, or Armstrong Once & Done. We do keep the Shaw Hard Surface cleaner concentrate and the Armstrong Once & Done in stock at our store.

Always remember to vacuum or sweep before mopping to prevent dirt scratching your floor. When using a vacuum remember to never use spinning bristles or brush attachments on the floor as they may damage your flooring. If there is something stuck to your floor, never use a sharp object to remove it, always try to loosen it with some cleaner and water. Most of these types of flooring are waterproof and you don?t have to worry about a little bit of water but, if you?re unsure don?t hesitate to call us.