2020: The year of the multifunctional home

The year 2020 hasn?t been predictable in the slightest. With school and office closures, stay at home orders, and more, our homes have become more than just our sanctuaries; they have become our home offices, classrooms, gyms . . . and the list goes on. This year has brought true meaning to the word ?multifunctional? when it comes to your home.

More time at notice the details
During the stay-at-home recommendations of 2020, many families realized that their homes might not be as ?multifunctional? as they once had hoped. Maybe they realized some elements of their home needed replaced only after paying increased attention to the smaller details after being at home so much. With children at home 24/7, there may be more spills, accidents, and other incidents that may point toward new flooring that can stand the test of time. Many opportunities for changes inside the home have appeared after this year of increased time at home.

Taking a closer look
Many homeowners realized that certain areas of their homes are being more worn during this time. Utilities, appliances, and even your home?s structural elements, like it?s flooring, are being used and worn from use. Take note of the high-traffic areas of your home, and look closely. Do your floors look worn, stained, or faded in these high traffic areas? Think about what activities take place in these areas and how they could impact the quality of your flooring.

Is it time to replace your flooring?
If it appears to be time to replace flooring in your home, Cove Flooring & Design, LLC will discuss with you your durability, comfort, and style needs during your free design consultation. With a variety of durable, kid and pet-friendly options in many styles, we make it easy!

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